Post Day Job Bliss #8

Rites Wild Ways of Being paired with Summit Saga IPA and two pickles (not pictured) Sunken into a swell broken chair, best for sitting and writing and reading about baseball and perusing pictures of crowds, with a cold glass of IPA in the crook of my arm, I can smell the hops from a full […]

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Post Day Job Bliss #7

Spiritualized Let It Come Down paired with Summit Saga IPA I almost sold this record a couple of years ago, but upon a cursory listen for the purpose of grading changed my mind. Good for me. Jason Pierce is a modern day Brian Wilson. This is headphone pop music to the max. So many layers, […]

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Post Day Job Bliss #5

Vibracathedral Orchestra – The Secret Base, paired with an Evil Twin IPA and a homemade chocolate chip peanut butter and sea salt cookie. Rambling repetitive and hypnotic, Vibracathedral Orchestra sound like a long night where everything went perfectly, and then as you’re about to fall asleep you smile a little bit. Maybe there were cookies […]

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Post Day Job Bliss #4

Beat Happening S/T paired with Nebuchadnezzar Imperial IPA I love Beat Happening. It’s rare that a band captures the sound of having a good time via pop songs. You’d think this wasn’t the case, since the whole point of a pop song is to be catchy, and catchy is often fun (just look at this? […]

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