All of the things.

I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve had things happen. These are the things. I left Iowa City. I left America. I live in South Korea. The reason I decided to leave was that I had very littleĀ in Iowa. I wanted to go into the film industry. Iowa abolished it. I loved the local music […]

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Post Day Job Bliss #13

New York Eye and Ear Control paired with a Goose Island Pepe Nero I enjoy jazz, I enjoy the discord of free jazz, and the difficulty of the more out there styling of folks like Derek Bailey and Peter Brotzmann. All of the liquid chaos suddenly solidifying. Unfortunately, I am not as familiar with jazz […]

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Post Day Job Bliss #12

My Bloody Valentine M B V paired with an Ommegang Abbey Ale This felt like something that would never actually happen. I was blown away the first time I heard Loveless, and it’s still one of my favorite albums. This feels like the logical follow up, 21 years later. This isn’t a review of the […]

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Post Day Job Bliss #11

Broadcast Pendulum paired with Brouwerij’t Gaverhopke Bittersweet Symphony Belgian Double IPA and an egg mcmuffin (not pictured) The perfect example of nostalgia gone right. So often nostalgia and sentimentalism can go awry, but Broadcast’s reverb and synth heavy take on psych music seems to have it gotten it straight. The opening track nails it, mixing […]

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Post Day Job Bliss #10

Jan Jelinek Loop Finding Jazz Records paired with Bells Two Hearted Ale Loop Finding Jazz Records consistently makes me excited about finding new awesome things. There is a path, in my brain that appears: Jan Jelinek – ~scape – Clicks and Cuts – Touch Records. From there it branches out infinitely, but those stones are […]

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Post Day Job Bliss#9

Broken Water Peripheral Star paired with Backpocket Wooden Nickle Peated Bock I wonder what affect time and place have on my tastes? Broken Water has reminded me of some early ninety’s Matador band since I first saw them. They have a disaffected shoe gazer quality, meets a heavy low fi outsider and proud name dropping […]

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