Olfactory Cartography #1

I’ve created an inventory of daily scents, a smell map. By no means a complete list, but these stood out. This occurred on a Friday.   1. My Own B.O. I’m not sure why our own smell is pleasing. It’s not pleasing really, but reassuring. Do not worry, you are awake, and you are alive. […]

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Well here’s a weird scene…

What would a burglar think if they broke in and saw this in my kitchen? What kind of awful salad was I making? Lettuce banana bread? What happened to make this person abandon this cockamamie amalgamation of horrid foods? I also wonder what would happen if I left these things out, untouched, forever. I think […]

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All of the things.

I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve had things happen. These are the things. I left Iowa City. I left America. I live in South Korea. The reason I decided to leave was that I had very littleĀ in Iowa. I wanted to go into the film industry. Iowa abolished it. I loved the local music […]

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To all zero of you who are on the edge of your seats, I’ve still been updating, but I’m going to stagger the postings to allow for some non sleepy edits where needed, and maybe some more interesting photos or something. On the subject of photos, I need to update my flickr. That’s really more […]

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