Two Short Film Recommendations

The first film here is a short film directed by Sam Kuhn, In Search of the Miraculous. I first saw this a couple of months ago, and by chance happened upon it again. I really love this movie. It’s playful and childlike without being cute or overly precious. It’s also beautifully shot on 16mm, which really nicely compliments it’s otherworldly feel. The sound is nice as well, simple but well placed, it serves the plot well. A film very much worth your time, a current favorite of mine.

The second is another short, directed by Ricky D’Ambrose, Six Cents in the Pocket. A man housesits for a friend and kills time. The disembodied action and detached actors are reminiscent of Robert Bresson, while the purposeful framing reminds me a bit of Ozu. This is a really excellent film.

Both films were featured recently on Kentucker Audley’s No Budge website, check it out for more excellent short films. See Sam Kuhn’s other work at his website, and his excellent photography Tumblr here. Ricky D’Ambrose is a filmmaker and critic, who has written for the Nation, Filmmaker Quarterly, and Slant.

In Search of the Miraculous from Lion Attack on Vimeo.

Six Cents in the Pocket from Ricky D’Ambrose on Vimeo.

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