Guided By Voices finally has their own beer.

One of my favorite bands has partnered with one of my favorite beers to create something so good, it will trigger the end times. Probably. I’m still curious to try the other unholy union they concocted with Julianna Barwick. That one sounds interesting, though I’m not generally inclined towards flavored beers, the exception being the consistently refreshing Weach. Anyway, this seems like something awesome. I like the series they’ve started, and there’s no artist more perfectly suited for it than Guided By Voices.

I remember discovering Bee Thousand and Guided By Voices a long time ago, I think I was still in high school. It held pretty standard pop hooks, but done in such a sincere way. You can find a million articles on it’s lo fi aesthetic, I’m sure. But that aesthetic wasn’t just a necessity, it lent the album (and it’s follow up, the equally brilliant Alien Lanes) a sincerity that’s rarely readily apparent in pop music.

They embodied rock and roll. They were old, ugly, and curmudgeonly, and so was their music. But their music had (and has) a quality like a problem child. They’ll misbehave, jump on your couch, light shit on fire, destroy your house, then smile innocently and you’ll forgive all. There’s a sweetness to their antagonism. They played with passion, often three hour sets (or more) while drinking more whisky and cheap beer on stage than one would think humanly possible.

I was just thinking a week ago or so, about the cover art for Bee Thousand, and how much I enjoy the simplicity in its design. It meshes perfectly with the disjointed unchecked pop of the record. It’s a little silly, naive, but that’s what makes it lovely and respectable. Listen below.


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