Field Recordings – electrical sounds in your bed

I should not be as giddy about this as I am. Wait… yes I should.


IMG_3619The sound of electricity charging through an electric-blanket on its lowest setting.

Winter in Australia. A time to turn on the electric blankets and dive into bed. Stories of defective electric blankets catching fire have never turned me off the pleasure that they bring on a cold winter’s night. However a quick listen to the electricity that pulses through them has made me think twice about their safety issues.

I’ve never heeded the warnings to switch the blankets off once you jump into bed. I prefer to slowly melt into a sweaty mess while the outside world grows ever colder …

… that is until I directed a coil pick-up microphone to them!!

Noticing that my computer was producing some feedback while I was listening to some sound files I wondered if it could be the result of my beloved electric blanket. I directed a coil pick-up microphone close…

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