Mail… Art… Club…!

I’m going to just start mailing stuff to people I like. Just some whatever and whatnot and whogivesashit that I’ve been making, postcard form or maybe I’ll just sign a shoe a la Duchamp and send that or something (can you do that internationally?) I’ve been doing a lot of drawing, writing, sound making, and photographing lately, and have been wanting to do some printing as well. I like to share, so I’m going to just start sending it out to people. I’ve done a couple of drawings on postcards, and maybe I’ll do something bigger, like a handwritten story, or a fun or awful soundscape on an SD card, packaged in something elaborate, or something else. If I’m feeling feisty maybe I’ll just send you an envelope full of glitter (I won’t do that probably, I’m not a jerk.) If you want something give me your address. It’s like social media in real life!

4 thoughts on “Mail… Art… Club…!

    1. Yeeeeeeees! do it! I’ll send something out shortly. It’ll arrive sometime in two to fifty two weeks, i don’t know how international mail works.

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