Self Deprecation & Introspective Semantics

I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person. I went to college, I read books, and I understand abstract ideas, at least on a surface level. I’m not a genius certainly, but reasonably intelligent. In spite of this, I’m also quite dumb. I make elementary spelling errors on a daily basis, I would not survive sans spell check, and I often fail to make simple connections. So I’ve started considering this question, is it better to be the dumbest smart guy, or the smartest dumb guy?

If you’re the dumbest smart guy (henceforth referred to as DSG) you’re a smart guy, congratulations! You’re in the upper echelon of people everywhere. What percentage of people are considered “smart?” Is it a 50/50 divide? Either way, you’re up there. But unfortunately you’re at the bottom of that pool. Social isolation awaits, you’re the one at parties who gets drunk and dances with a broom, or eats weird things for approval, like a dog. Although, there’s hope in this intellectual purgatory, you can learn from your peers, and climb your way out of the dregs. It has the potential to be hopeful.

On the other hand, if you’re the smartest dumb guy (SDG) you’re at the top! People will come to you for advice on things like bad drivers and whether or not food is ok to eat. However intellectual stimulation is reserved for the rare moments when someone who is smart, probably one of the DSG’s, is cornered by you and forced to expound on Catcher in the Rye. Or maybe a first year college student. The overlap between DSG’s and first year college students is palpable.

It’s a subjective question of course, so I suppose it comes down to your interests. Nascar or James Joyce? Both? Neither? I suppose the question is moot.


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