All of the things.


I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve had things happen. These are the things.

I left Iowa City. I left America. I live in South Korea.

The reason I decided to leave was that I had very little in Iowa. I wanted to go into the film industry. Iowa abolished it. I loved the local music scene, and suddenly I felt abandoned by it. I drove a taxi, which left me more or less unemployable. I couldn’t be happy there, and anyone who met me, knew me, or hung out with me for more than five minutes there knew that. I left partially for a challenge and something new, and partially for the chance of something better upon my return. I love Iowa, I love Iowa City, I love the people there, but it seemed for quite some time that they didn’t love me back.

Last week my wonderful grandfather had an aneurism burst. He was rushed to the Mayo Clinic and given a twenty percent chance to live. He’s been in the hospital for the last week, but is hoping to go home soon. Because he’s a stubborn badass. Whisky and a pipe. Before I left, I had the idea of interviewing him, and having an audio history of him, and my grandmother, and our family, and I still love the idea. I hope to do some recording soon, whenever I get back to the states.

Last weekend my amazing girlfriend/partner/best friend made a decision, the best one for her, and broke it off. I’m in a horrible state, but I can’t blame her. Remember when I said that anyone who knew me in Iowa knew I was miserable there? She had to live with that, for years, and she was incredible and supportive through all of it. I don’t blame her, and while I still love her more than anything, I respect her decision.

I don’t know what will happen next winter when I decide if I stay here or leave. Maybe I’ll stay. Maybe I’ll move to New York and try to be a thirty two year old production assistant. Maybe I’ll go into fine woodworking (I’m completely serious about this.) Maybe I’ll go back to Iowa and try to scrape something out. I have no idea.

For anyone who’s had to deal with me in the last week or so please accept my humblest apologies.

Whatever happens, like Grandpa Skaden, I’ll remain stoic and stubborn. And fuck anyone who says otherwise. Badass runs in the family.



2 thoughts on “All of the things.

  1. Erik:
    If you have ever read the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” you will realize that you did a good thing by breaking out of the life that you didn’t want to live. If you haven’t read it, then I strongly recommend that you do. As you know, I was NOT prepared for the news that you and Kerry broke up! You have been a part of our lives for many years and I too am having a hard time dealing with it. However I am proud that Kerry is strong enough to know what she wants out of life and doesn’t just go with the flow to please others. I know that you have that same strength and that you will be just fine! I hope you both use this time apart to grow and better yourselves. So many things can change in a year. You have so many talents and options open to you – 32 is certainly not old!

    Of course I still hold out hope that if/when you come back, the two of you will realize that you were made for each other! (a mom can always dream!) If it doesn’t turn out that way then know that you will always be someone special to us. I’m really sorry about your Grandfather – I’m sure you would like to be with him. If he is anything like my Grandfather he will live to be 100 – God likes to keep the badasses here on earth! Take care of yourself and let me know if you need a care package of things you can’t get there.


    1. Thanks Laurie. Your family is great, and I miss them, as much as my own. I’m sure that whatever happens, it’ll be for the best. Hope you’re all well!

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