Freshly Bathed, Freshly Shaved, manicured update


I’m not very good at writing reviews of new music, and I’m not very good at writing at five in the morning after 12+ hours of work. I think that instead of a silly chronicle of things I do after work, I’ll make this maybe more of a column. I’ll still write about music, but throw in just general sound, and make it kind of about the way I and we as a society interact with sound on a daily basis, and my attempts at appreciating those sounds. I’ll probably still write about new music here and there as I see fit, but I hate writing reviews and pretending to be an authority on taste or something so it’ll probably be more like a brief description and recommendation and please don’t take it seriously because I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Granted, that’s the nature of reviews, and any reviewer with an air of authority or an attempt at contextualizing subjectiveness is probably full of shit. Don’t get me started on top ten lists.

Anyway, quality not quantity right? Who cares because only like two people read this anyway. Hi Kerry!

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