Amen Dunes again but now with extra senses

More Amen Dunes stuff, a video from his last record. Great video for a great song. Some have proclaimed the death of music videos, but I think they are just so pervasive at this point that rather than death there is simply an upping of the ante and a weeding out of the shit. I’m not a fan of OK Go, but their videos are awesome. I think their videos sustain the band as a thing that exists. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a Rube Goldberg machine? Anyway, this is a great video from one of my current favorites. Incidentally, it makes a great counter to Rhianna’s new video, in which she (or more likely, whoever came up with the concept of the video) takes her huge audience (myself included, I love Rhianna) for sexually retarded idiots. It’s not the first time, and she’s certainly not the only one. But I digress…

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