Post Day Job Bliss #11

2013-01-27 05.13.01Broadcast Pendulum paired with Brouwerij’t Gaverhopke Bittersweet Symphony Belgian Double IPA and an egg mcmuffin (not pictured)

The perfect example of nostalgia gone right. So often nostalgia and sentimentalism can go awry, but Broadcast’s reverb and synth heavy take on psych music seems to have it gotten it straight. The opening track nails it, mixing in sporadic elements from mysterious influences with a driving washed out anthem. Followed by tracks composed almost as a sonic narrative. They’re songs are so simple, but seem timeless. Rooted in an “indie” sound but dressed deliberately with eccentricity, and avoiding contrivances. This is another band that I could listen to all the time (and do.)

This double Belgian IPA does similar things for taste. Very, almost overly smooth, surprisingly so for a double IPA, but instead of letting the flavors smooshed into one, they are allowed to stand on their own, glued together with love (probably.) I bought this beer based solely on the label and the fact that Belgian IPA’s are one of my favorite combinations of old and new (or, rather, less old.) They are so subtle, but unique enough to allow you to appreciate that subtlety for what it is.

are so subtle, but they let you appreciate that subtlety.

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