Post Day Job Bliss#9

Broken Water Peripheral Star paired with Backpocket Wooden Nickle Peated Bock

I wonder what affect time and place have on my tastes? Broken Water has reminded me of some early ninety’s Matador band since I first saw them. They have a disaffected shoe gazer quality, meets a heavy low fi outsider and proud name dropping philosophers Slint-esque-ness? It seems fitting that they’re from the North-West. Their music always reminds me of the early Matador compilation What’s Up Matador? that influenced me so heavily early on. I know I was especially impressed by Chavez, Cat Power, Mecca Normal, and for some reason Railroad Jerk. With the exception of Cat Power, I didn’t really follow up on any of those bands. That said, I get a sense of completion every time I hear something like this, as if it’s allowing me to fill in some gaps.

When I was first starting to enjoy beer, I knew next to nothing about it, outside of the obvious, and so when I wanted something of a higher caliber that I could afford on part time retail’s hourly wage, I went with Michelob Amber Bock. It is far from the best tasting beer out there, even at that price point probably, but when all you know is Pabst and Busch and various beers ending in Ice, it was like the champagne of beers. Actually that is a designation reserved for another cheap beer of preference. Jesus this paragraph is terrible. I can’t even spell anymore.

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