Post Day Job Bliss #10

2013-01-26 05.14.54Jan Jelinek Loop Finding Jazz Records paired with Bells Two Hearted Ale

Loop Finding Jazz Records consistently makes me excited about finding new awesome things. There is a path, in my brain that appears: Jan Jelinek – ~scape – Clicks and Cuts – Touch Records. From there it branches out infinitely, but those stones are affixed firmly in place. Fennesz and Autechre might be in that path somewhere too sometimes. The point is that there is a clear point of discovery for me, that was significant in a way. This record opened windows onto new spectrum’s of sound. I honestly don’t listen to this kind of music much anymore, in hindsight it’s pretty (micro)housey. However the lack of danceability puts it within my acceptable realm. Not that I have anything against dance music, but it’s not something I generally enjoy, as I’m a terrible dancer (see every wedding I’ve ever had too much to drink at as a reference point) and by definition, dance music is made for that specific purpose. While this is firmly planted in dance music and the Berlin DJ scene, it is a headphones record thru and thru. Actually, I probably should’ve written about this for the first PDJB, as it’s the perfect post day job comedown. The perfect antidote for constantly being asked if I like dub (I don’t, but never say never) as it’s subtle glitch beat is the polar opposite of the latter’s gimmicky drop. God I hate dub.

I hate to make this an anti dub rant, but it’s the equivalent of a shitty sitcom in terms of pandering transparent bullshit and it makes me think I’m having a panic attack. Fuck Ellie Goulding. But I digress…

I’ve also never seen a record with a more apt title, it fits perfectly. “Loop Finding Jazz records, what’s that sound like?” The reply would be moot. Actually everything about this label is aesthetically perfect. The uniform cover art fits with the audio content, as the colors vary but the basic design stays the same. Even the name, ~scape, with the seemingly irrelevant tilde, fits the theme.

Two Hearted is one of my all time favorite beers, it kind of fills the same roll in a way that this album does. It’s very mild, but it’s hoppiness stimulated my interest, it was a gateway beer to bastardize a bastardization, to other great hoppy beers. If this were the only beer I could drink for the rest of my life, I’d be okee dokee with that. My dear friends in Austin TX are also big fans of this beer, but it’s not available in their region for some reason, so I try to deliver some whenever I visit, along with some Sterzings potato chips (also divine, actually I really wish I had some Sterzings right now, note to self: buy Sterzings and french onion dip.)

On a side note: if anyone has a couple hundred bucks to spare you could buy my the super deluxe reissue of William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops on vinyl. I’m totally okee dokee with that. Can I make a kickstarter page just because I’m lazy and cheap? Everyone who donates gets a hug… unless you smell really bad.

you can smell a little bad.

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