Post Day Job Bliss #7

2013-01-19 05.12.47Spiritualized Let It Come Down paired with Summit Saga IPA

I almost sold this record a couple of years ago, but upon a cursory listen for the purpose of grading changed my mind. Good for me. Jason Pierce is a modern day Brian Wilson. This is headphone pop music to the max. So many layers, it’s so intensely dense. It I weren’t so tired right now I’d close my eyes and just picture the last scene of ET. Somehow he makes the line life ain’t good without cigarettes sound deeply profound. This record is transcendent blues played in outer space.

There’s a cliche about musicians of a certain level of success, that when it’s possible, they’ll play with a symphony, not unlike the infamous “double live” album. Metallica, the Ramones, I’m not sure who else, I know there’s more. Most of the time it fails miserably. If everyone did it this well that might be an event to look forward to?

I might be too tired to write right now. This sweet affordable hoppy bitterness is fogging up my brain a little. I think some of these orchestral arrangements would make for fantastic film scores. This is a little scattered, but that seems strangely appropriate.

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