Post Day Job Bliss #5

2013-01-13 04.29.22Vibracathedral Orchestra – The Secret Base, paired with an Evil Twin IPA and a homemade chocolate chip peanut butter and sea salt cookie.

Rambling repetitive and hypnotic, Vibracathedral Orchestra sound like a long night where everything went perfectly, and then as you’re about to fall asleep you smile a little bit. Maybe there were cookies involved, and camping, and it’s warm outside but the fire still feels good. There’s too much beer and it’s light and drinkable (too drinkable possibly, possibly you will drink all of the beer) and just a little bitter to satisfy a taste for hops while you can still taste things. It’s feel good drones.

A kid asked me what kind of music I liked once, he was maybe nineteen or twenty and I was in my late twenty’s. He asked me if I was into emo, and I don’t remember what I said, and he asked what bands I listened too. I said Vibracathedral Orchestra is cool, and he asked if they sounded like the Postal Service. I said no, not really, and he asked what they sounded like. The closest thing I could think of that he might have heard of was My Bloody Valentine so I said “My Bloody Valentine?” They don’t sound anything like My Bloody Valentine and he hadn’t heard of them anyway so it didn’t matter, but maybe he remembered later and discovered two cool things. What’s the point of this story? I don’t know but now I sound like kind of a dick. I think our venn diagram could’ve crossed in beer tastes though, at least a little.

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