Post Day Job Bliss #4

2013-01-12 04.38.32Beat Happening S/T paired with Nebuchadnezzar Imperial IPA

I love Beat Happening. It’s rare that a band captures the sound of having a good time via pop songs. You’d think this wasn’t the case, since the whole point of a pop song is to be catchy, and catchy is often fun (just look at this? Not safe for anything, you’ve been warned.) But there’s a consistent nonchalance with Beat Happening. Both Calvin Johnson and Heather Lewis project something in their voices that tells me they don’t care if I like it, because they’re having a good time, and this makes me like it more.

I think I like K Records for the same reason I like Dischord Records, a very simple model based on pure passion, lead by example, artistic without being stuffy or taking themselves too seriously. Strangely, it seems that this is a vibe that cannot be repeated, and it exists at a single point in time, or maybe people are just trying too hard to get to that point and it can only be attained unconsciously or some other bull shit? Regardless, it makes me want to start a band and live in the early eightys and go see Back To The Future for the first time. Is Calvin Johnson the Peter Pan of indie rock? I could listen to this album every day. My only complaint is that it’s painfully short, but that’s not really a complaint because it would feel weird if it were longer, forced maybe.

I was skeptical about this Nebuchadnezzar. It was expensive and I’d never heard of it and it offered no information, but the aesthetic was right and I’ll always give a pale ale a go. To my delight, it fit in very well with early K records. The label of this beer could be an album cover. And it is pretty much the perfect IPA for my taste, just how I like it. Nice even and smooth head, deep dense complex flavor but simple and reminds me of summer time. 100%relax. Bitter citrus, “I got this crazy power fall in love with you thing.”

Sorry if this one’s weird or disjointed, my heads all over the multiverse tonight?

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