New Stuff

New blog/website.  Thought i should get some stuff out there, so this is a home base for recordings and constructed sounds and videos, Facebook and twitter will relay the same, but this is the hub.  Synch Sounds is a weekly soundscape constructed by me, out of recordings that i make or find.

This is a work in progress, so bear with me, i’ll probably change things around quite a bit.  There is another blog living in my brain right now, with written down words and some level of humor, about beer and records coming together in the unholy union we always knew was possible. I haven’t worked out all the details on that one yet, but it’s been mulling around up there long enough it should be ready to go soon.

Right now, on the main page, i am thinking a mishmash of photo’s and articles of interest.  Whatever the heck. We’ll see what happens.  It’ll be like watching a baby grow up, but a cold ugly baby that you kind of want to get away from but you know you can’t.  You know that kind of baby?

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